The Sing-Off Review: Battle in the Streets

Hip hop reigned supreme on The Sing-Off this week... so why did Urban Method struggle? That answer and many others are revealed in our weekly grading system...

Round One
Dartmouth Aires - "Club Can't Handle Me" - While the Aires traditionally do rock songs, they struggled with the lack of chords. The group let Henry rap, which really sounded awkward. As they actually performed, while they started off fun and interesting, the tempo was odd. It was as if there was a train that kept gathering steam and ended off faster than it began. The bridge and ending was strong, but I'm not sure how much that balanced the weaker opening. My Grade: B+

Afro-Blue - "Killing Me Softly" - Staying with the Howard University alum Roberta Flack, they tried to keep elements of the classic instead of the Fugees version. I liked the buildup of the song and the arrangement started off just like the Fugees version, but the chorus was closer to Roberta Flack. There was something about the lead singer that felt like she was bored right until the end. There wasn't much in the innovation side to the performance, but it was solid. My Grade: B

The Collective - "Give Me Everything" - The Collective was worried about adding rap elements and figuring out how synths translate into their soul-style. I didn't like the opening and the song felt unnecessarily rushed. There were points where you could hear the group was out of breath as they tried to sing and move around the stage. The slowed-down ending didn't work for me because it didn't improve the song and there wasn't enough dropout of voices. My Grade: C 

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