THE SING-OFF “Top 8 Groups: Hip Hop Hits” Review

THE SING-OFF "Top 8 Groups: Hip Hop Hits" Season 3, Episode 6 – The opening of this week’s episode of The Sing-Off exposed just how many groups in this competition had decent rapping talent within their ranks. The "rapapella" title has been tied to Urban Method because of their self-professed area of expertise in the hip-hop genre, but after some of the successful performances tonight, that may no longer be enough to make them stand out among the competition.

The Dartmouth Aires performed Flo Rida’s "Club Cant Handle Me" and although I felt that most of the song ended up feeling more choral than hip-hop, the two leads did well. As usual, the group had a contagious energy and although they charted into "polka-hip-hop" territory (as Ben put it), theirperformance was entertaining.

Afro-Blue’s stunning rendition of "Killing Me Softly" combined the influence of the Fugees and Roberta Flack into one gorgeous arrangement that had me holding my breath until their very last chord. This group is a power house of pure vocals that is so natural and effortless. Where other groups might rely on their choreography to help draw in an audience, their sound alone is utterly captivating and, like Shawn said, you can hear the ease of their performance even without laying eyes on them. Thisperformance had a jazzy, underground hip hop feel to it and it easily put them in the top spot for their half of The Sing-Off this week. Read More...


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