'Allen Gregory': All style, no substance


He's seven, he drinks pinot and he knows too much. He's "Allen Gregory." But is he worth watching?The new Fox animated series centers on a precocious and pretentious tot named Allen Gregory DeLongpre voiced by the show's producer, Jonah Hill. He lives in a fancy Manhattan (or a reasonable facsimile) penthouse with his father Richard (voiced by French Stewart), Richard's life partner/boy toy Jeremy (Nat Faxon) and his adopted Cambodian sister Julie (Joy Osmanski).In the pilot, due to yet unexplained financial difficulties, Jeremy needs to find a job, meaning his homeschooling of Allen Gregory ends. As a result, Allen must now attend public school. This proves difficult for the ascot-wearing tyke who is much better suited for a high-end boarding school.It is at elementary school that Allen Gregory encounters the typical slate of characters: the bully, the sidekick and the difficult authority figures. His continued disdain for his teachers and principal generates a storyline of...



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