Two and a Half Men 9.06 "The Squat and the Hover" Recap

two and a half men

Walden's naked again, and he's sorting through his mail. Unfortunately for him, his divorce papers have arrived. He flails around the room complaining to Alan and Jake that soul mates can't be found around every corner. As Jake watches, he just hopes his growth spurt hasn't ended.

Later, Walden has found clothes and is burning everything related to his marriage. Alan tells him he may later regret not having any of it, but Walden needs to get rid of his old life before he can start a new one. That includes selling the beach house and moving to New York. For completely selfish reasons, Alan can't have that happen, so he suggests that Walden's rash decisions may be due to clinical depression and he should visit Charlie's former therapist. Walden points out that Charlie ended up dead, but Alan reminds him that Charlie was pushed in front of a train by a crazy woman. You can't blame Charlie's shrink for that—you might be able to blame the crazy woman's shrink. (Again: where is Rose?) Read More...


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