Paranormal Activity 3 - Review

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown in Paranormal Activity 3

It would be no exaggeration to say that we spend the 89 minutes of Paranormal Activity 3waiting — taut with tension — to see a face. Not just any face, mind you. A face of nightmare terror and shivery awe, one that will shoot a scary volt of revelation right through us. We're never entirely sure if that face is going to arrive, but the anticipation is everything. The movie sets us up for it early on, with an amazing shock as a closet door is opened. Of course, we're also waiting because, with two otherParanormal Activity films behind it, Paranormal Activity 3 implicitly understands that we've been through enough tricks in these movies — the doors that open and slam shut, the thuds and booms and scratchy skitters on the soundtrack, the kitchen utensils that fall with a crash, the spectral shapes that you can almost make out — to now want to see something more.Paranormal Activity 3 features variations on every one of the tricks I just mentioned, and a few additional ones (they all work), but more than the first two films, it tweaks our desire to put a face on evil. Read More...,,20525974,00.html


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