Real Steel - Review

Real Steel | COACH CLASS Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

Contrary to the headlines of doom that accompany the release of each soul-dead sequel in the Transformers movie franchise, there is indeed hope for the future of fighting robots on the big screen. Real Steel, a jaunty, well-built hybrid action/family pic, envisions a day in a plausible near future when all-?American ringside entertainment is provided by 2,000-pound, eight-foot steel automatons. They punch the rivets out of one another, maneuvered by trainers who control their fighters via ringside computer remotes, and who stand to make big money if their player can literally crush the opposition. The movie, meanwhile, demonstrates the way CGI-?driven bot cinema can fruitfully coexist with father-and-son bonding cinema to create charming entertainment — part warm hugs and part cold clang. Read More...,,20518300,00.html


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