What's Your Number? - Review

What's Your Number?, Anna Faris | WHO'S COUNTING ANYWAY? Anna Faris in What's Your Number?

When it comes to playing women who are smart even when they act dumb and adorable even when they act skanky, Anna Faris has the market cornered. Fans of The House Bunny (like me) know that her funny, postfeminist, single-girl sexpot avatar — a woman of integrity who can be mistaken at first glance for a slut — is a thing of beauty. Faris does what she traditionally does best in the vulgar sex comedy What's Your Number? But the movie counts too much on the star to save the day single-handedly with her cleavage, platinum hair, and vagina talk. Lots of vagina talk. And she can't, not with a production as witless as this one.

Faris plays Ally Darling, self-described as ''a jobless whore who's slept with 20 guys.'' The bedroom count is fact, and Ally is indeed without employment, having been let go from her nonspecific marketing job by a boss (Joel McHale from Community) who then proceeds to hit on her while she's drunk. But ''whore'' is strictly a judgment passed by screenwriters Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden (working from a book by Karyn Bosnak), even if it's couched as a joke. ''Whore'' is the kind of descriptor the creators of What's Your Number? think is hilarious for a woman to apply to herself, one whose only ''scandal'' involves a head count of her sex partners. And by the way, who in this day and age is counting? Read More...



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