Video - Fringe Cast Reveal Peter's New Context in "Novation"

The wait is over Fringe fans, but the question is "What Now?".  True to their words, the Fringe think-tank did not deliver a flavorless 'reset' when the Peter situation was resolved, in fact the return of the boy genius has created more new riddles than solutions for Fringe fans, which is just the way we like it. Earlier today, though, FOX released a video featuring some scenes from upcoming episodes sandwiched between cast members Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, and, of course, Joshua Jackson, talking about how Peter fits into yet another pair of Fringe time-lines.  Check out the video below, then we'll chat.

Personally, I love the idea that Peter is regarded as a sort of 'alien' and that Fringe is not falling back into a pattern of 'business as usual.'  This is the type of drama that Fringe has built its brand around;  how will this man we know and love reconnect with the people he cares for in a world where he never even existed.  There is a latent tragedy to it all in the sense that we wouldn't want to see any of the versions of the characters we've come to know so well sacrificed for another. Or would we?  Would you sacrifice the new timeline to have everything back the way it was?  Is there even a 'correct' timeline at all?  Is it what we are seeing now? Only the Observers know.

Be sure to tune into Fringe "Novation" this Friday at 9PM EST on FOX.


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