Dancing with the Stars Week 6 Results: Chaz Bono Eliminated

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Scoring an abysmal 19 this far in the competition and without enough votes to save him,  we say goodbye to Chaz Bono in week 6 of Dancing with the Stars. His tango was panned by the judges and he was insulted by Bruno, but for his part, the grateful and dignified Chaz dedicated his time on the show to "all the people like him and all the teens and kids who are struggling."  Well done, Chaz.

The DWTS week 6 leaderboard was bottom heavy going in to Tuesday’s results show.  Bottom heavy with emotion, anyway. Hope Solo and Chaz found themselves in jeopardy and also faced some rather trying demons because of it.  Len’s criticism of Hope’s performance and his ensuing showdown with her partner Maks Chmerkovskiy lead to a disillusioned behind the scenes confessional from Hope, in which she says she "doesn’t get it, doesn’t get this show." I think that statement paves the way for her elimination next week. Bruno’s final insult of Chaz lead to a rather testy though deserved response from Chaz in his behind the scenes confessional.  He references all of Bruno’s rude remarks this season: "cute and cuddly" "ewok" and "cute little penguin." Note to Bruno, just because you’re (also) gay doesn’t make this okay. Chaz could have used some constructive criticism rather than self-seeking soundbites. See the video below for the confessionals.

Maks' take down of Len garnered tons of press, as we knew it would. Fans took to Twitter in support of Maks, while Len took to Access Hollywood for his rebuttal. His main point to Maks was "you can't be a judge at your own trial." He also thinks Maks regretted his diatribe the morning after. Uh, I don't think so Len. When Maks speaks he never backs down! At the heart of the matter is the inconsistency in the way the judges score the different contestants. That is what Maks was trying to get across and he is right. There is no set formula, and judges have their favorites like anyone else. It is what it is.

Hopefully the mood will lighten next week, as hostess Brooke Burke Charvet promises us a special Halloween themed-night of performances. The Dancing with the Stars Week 7 performance show airs Monday, October 31 at 8 p.m (ET) on ABC.



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