Sons of Anarchy Review: "Family Recipe"

The past of Clay Morrow collided with the present dangers of the drug world on Sons of Anarchy this week, resulting in the death of yet another SAMCRO member and a future for this club that looks bleaker than ever.

"Family Recipe" wasted no time answering the most pressing question from "Fruit for the Crows." Yes, the tree branch snapped, Juice survived his suicide attempt. But only in bodily form, really. His guilt-ridden, cornered mind was elsewhere from the moment he hit the ground, forced to not only adjust to life again - but to be thrown into an escalating war between the Galindo cartel and Lobos Sonora.

How do you fight for your life when you only just wanted to take it? How do you stand up for a family you only just betrayed? Theo Rossi has been nothing short of outstanding in this role over the course of season four, depicting Juice's pain and confusion with quiet, sullen looks and eyes that are somehow always on the verge of all-out waterworks. Read More...


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