Body of Proof Review: All That Glitters

The first thing that struck me about "Second Chances" was that Megan Hunt was wearing appropriate shoes to a crime scene and not those ridiculous five inch heels in the the middle of the woods. Thank goodness.

I know that the heels are suppose to be fashionable but they look downright silly as she huddles over a corpse and can be a distraction to an otherwise entertaining show. I hope the new footwear is an ongoing trend.

The Case:  I've only spent a minimal amount of time around horses but I still enjoyed this plot. Horses are beautiful and sometimes dangerous creatures. Accidents happen but this was no accident. 

What other case could combine Ethan's Mr. Ed impressions, glitter, and horse poop? It had plenty of twists and turns although I'll admit I pegged the boyfriend as the killer the moment I saw him. He had too much of that hard, preppy, entitled look that made me want to hate him. OK, so maybe I just wanted him to be the killer and the writers unknowingly made me happy. Plus his last name was Savage. That was a dead giveaway. Read More...


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