Sons of Anarchy 4.08 'Family Recipe' Review

sons of anarchy

It’s all been building to this, the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy has roared along at a fairly steady pace with the occasional bursts of violence as the club tried all season to adjust to working with the Galindo cartel. Now the reaper patch on the back of the club’s cuts went from ominous symbol to a reality as one of the main characters from day one met his maker in last night’s episode. If you don’t want to know who that was, I suggest you take a nice bowl of good old-fashioned family recipe chili and sit this one out, because this is a death that’s going to finally kick certain former conflicts back into gear.

Rarely does an episode of Sons of Anarchy forgo the usual montage opening twice in a row in favor of pulling us right into the action, but this week found the opening moments taking place exactly a few seconds after Juice made his decision to hang for his crimes against SAMCRO at the end of last week’s episode. If you waited and heard the branch snap last week then you weren’t surprised to see Juice hobble away from the tree when Chibs and Tig showed up. Juice himself could barely even pass it off convincingly that he’d just been involved in an accident, as evidenced by the look of concern Chibs gave Juice once he had inspected the ligature marks on Juice’s neck. There’s certainly no sense that any of Juice’s guilt has been alleviated following his attempt and it would be wise for Chibs to keep an eye on his fellow club brother so he doesn’t try again. Read More...


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