SONS OF ANARCHY “Family Recipe” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "Family Recipe" Season 4 Episode 8 - Lobos Sonora’s second driveby/shootout in two weeks is aimed directly at the Sons, and serves as a sort of courier service – for the delivery of decapitated heads. One of which belongs to Armando, the president of SAMTAZ, and another to a Mayan. One of the Lobos Sonora guys is caught and after a little chemical assistance he spills all; one of the Mayans, Pedro, is feeding info to Lobos Sonora.

The Sons and Alvarez feed Pedro false intel about the guns being moved to the warehouse and then lay in wait for Lobos Sonora’s guys to turn up. A van containing the bodies (to go with the heads) is driven up and left outside the warehouse, and the Sons and Mayans realise that Lobos Sonora is a step ahead of them. If they’re not just getting their intel from Pedro, who else could it be? Read More...


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