'Survivor: South Pacific': The Trojan Horse plan is a go


All heck breaks loose on "Survivor: South Pacific" with the Savaii tribe. I can't wait to see how this plays out.Redemption IslandIt's Christine vs. Mikayla in a duel of constructing a bridge with planks, then using the planks to solve a puzzle. They are pretty much neck-and-neck going into the puzzle, but Mikayla can't get her planks right and Christine wins. Wow. Christine is kicking some serious butt on Redemption Island. Good for her.UpoluFollowing Tribal, Coach gets a little mixed metaphor on us by saying about Brandon and his crazypants outbursts that it might get a little like "Of Mice and Men" and something about shooting someone in the head and it's kill or be killed. Then he does some yoga. That's the Coach we all know and love.Coach and Brandon then lead a group prayer about winning the challenge and finding the Idol. Sophie is right on when she says it gives her an...



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