'America's Next Top Model': Most ridiculous photoshoot ever?


It's a double elimination on "America's Next Top Model" week, where they have what is maybe the most ridiculous photoshoot of all time (and that is saying something).The ChallengeThe girls are at the Roosevelt Hotel to design their own fragrance. Ooh, that's awesome. I would really get into that challenge. Lisa names her scent "Neon," Laura goes with "Love," Dominique goes with "Survivor," Shannon names hers "Smitten," Angelea names hers "Angelea" (of coruse she does, Angelea rules), Allison names hers "Honey Blood," Kayla's is "Free" (again, snoooooze), Bianca's is "Candid" and Alexandria's is "Diamondatrix." Huh. I wish these were for sale because I really want to smell them all. I feel like I would like Allison's just because I love her and I'm kind of a big weirdo like her. But who knows? I want to smell them!For the challenge, they are selling their scent from a bathtub and being scored by their fans. The...



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