Recap: 'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Trojan Horse'

Pre-credit sequence. We begin with Team Coach, returning to camp after evicting Mikayla. Edna's feeling a big grumbly at seeing her name at every Tribal Council, but she thinks that Brandon's unpredictability might help her in the future. Rick warns Coach that another Brandon Blowup, especially after the Merge, could be damaging. Coach nods sagely, as if he hadn't been carrying a lunatic as his key alliance partner for weeks and references "Of Mice and Men" in suggesting that sometimes, people just have to be put down. He adds, "In this game, it's kill or be killed." Settle in, kids, for a homicidal episode of "Survivor: South Pacific."

Planks, but no planks. We're going straight into this week's Duel, in a somewhat odd and uncomfortable piece of editing. We also don't spend any time with Mikayla and Christine making pronouncements or finding out who got to come to the Duel. It's actually a complicated Duel that starts with players taking planks from a crate. Then they have to make a bridge with the planks. And then they have to solve a puzzle also with the planks. This is certainly the most difficult and challenging Duel of the season. Christine gets out to a big lead, despite Albert's coaching of Mikayala. Christine gets to the final puzzle first, but with only a small advantage. Mikayla thinks she has it, but she made a tiny mistake. Mikayla is stymied by her failure and Christine sneaks in and wins another Duel. Mikayla says this whole experience has taught her how much stronger and better she wants to be and she tosses her buff on the fire, crying. When Jeff suggests that Christine has become a threat, she shoots back, "I've always been a legitimate force." Even Ozzy is impressed with Christine, forcing him into a peculiar new strategy. He suspects that with the Merge looming, if his tribe loses Immunity, they might be better served sending a strong player to Redemption Island so that they can take Christine out and retain numbers. Hmmm. Read More...


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