Survivor Review: What is Ozzy Doing?

Three-quarters of the way through this week’s episode "Trojan Horse" I had figured out what I was going to write my review.  I wanted to talk about leadership and dissect the difference between Coach’s style and Ozzy’s style.

And then Ozzy went a pulled one of the balsiest moves in Survivor history.

Or maybe the stupidest.  There’s plenty of room to debate the merits of what Ozzy is doing and we’ll do that.  Just later.  I want to focus on the leadership effect that Ozzy’s move will have on his tribe.  

By sacrificing himself for the betterment of his tribe and his ultimate success as a player, Ozzy’s move will unify Savaii.  This is very ironic because all of his actions leading up to the day of tribal council did anything but unify the Savaii tribe. Read More...


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