Suburgatory 1.05 "Halloween" Review


For it's first four episodes, Suburgatory seemed to have ingested a handful of Red Bulls from Dallas Royce's fridge, as the show went about a mile a minute and enough punchlines to fill an entire season of lesser comedy. It was a very funny, whip-smart amalgamation of a fish-out-of-water story, a tale of daddy-daughter bonding, and a hodgepodge of pop culture influences that had a pretty distinct point-of-view.

Who knew it took slutty mushrooms, a near demonic possession, and inappropriate Christmas cards for the show to slow down and take a breath?

Don't get me wrong, "Halloween" was still very much a Suburgatory episode, heavy on the snark and doubling down on the snort-worthy punchlines/reveals, but there was a little more character building and bonding going on than usual and the episode was better for it. The episode followed up on the obvious tension George and Dallas exhibited in last week's episode with even more flirtation, which was subverted by the arrival of Dallas's husband Steven (Jay Mohr). We hadn't learned a whole lot about Steven prior to "Halloween", but from the looks of his brief appearance, Dallas's character just got fleshed out in a big way. She was already the most developed Suburgatory-ite, even from her few scenes in the show's pilot, and "Halloween" told us a lot about her marriage without much interaction between the two spouses. It seems like Dallas's sparkly-eyed gazes at George are due to the fact that her own marriage is pretty dormant, with obviously rich Steven more concerned about his no shoes policy than the man in the executioner's mask creeping around his house and Dallas unwilling to let her husband kiss her anywhere but the top of her head. For being a sitcom, it was quite a sad touch; Dallas is such a chirpy, bright spirit that seems to be masking a world of hurt behind her big grin and gaudy fashion sense. Read More...


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