'American Horror Story' recap: Night of the Fluffing Dead

October 28, 2010. Halloween looms. According to legend, the dead come back on the night before All Saints' Day. But in one Los Angeles neighborhood, the departed -- dear and otherwise -- don’t need holiday magic to roam free. They just need the house, a home to haunted history, vengeful wraiths and hideous monsters built from baby parts and hooves or wrapped in zippered black leather. One year ago, it was also home to two men whose love had gone corpse-cold. Chad (Zachary Quinto) is an interior designer with an unforgiving sense of decorum and a sharper tongue. Patrick (Teddy Sears) is his companion, a paramedic who likes to work out at the gym. A lot. They bought the house to flip it -- fix it up, sell at a mark-up, make a killing. Yet the collapsing SoCal housing market is crushing the dream by the day. To salvage it, Chad has come up with a bold idea to generate publicity and heat for their marketing-challenged home: A French-themed Halloween party worthy of a photo spread inElle Décor. Read More...



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