Survivor: South Pacific 23.07 "Trojan Horse" Recap


This week's episode begins on Night 16 at Upolu.  Edna is upset that her name keeps coming up at Tribal Council, but recognizes that Brandon's outbursts are costing him.  Coach insists to Rick that they can control Brandon, but to the camera, Coach says that if the time comes to cut Brandon, he will.

Day 17.  The Redemption Island Arena.  Christine and Mikayla enter, much to the amazement of Ozzy and Cochran.  For the Duel, they must take apart a crate and use the slats to build a bridge.  They then must take the bridge apart and use some of the slats to solve a puzzle.  With the rules explained, Jeff starts the Duel.

Christine quickly takes the crate apart by sliding out four slats at a time.  She quickly moves to building her bridge.  Mikayla, taking Albert's advice, catches up.  Christine finishes her bridge, but Mikayla follows close behind.  Christine grabs all of her puzzle pieces, and begins solving the puzzle.  Mikayla catches upand is the first to put together the RI Arena symbol, but it's not exactly right.  This give Christine time to solve the puzzle.  "Christine stays alive!"  Mikayla places her buff in the fire and departs.  Jeff says Christine has become a legitimate force in the game.  She, however, corrects him -- she has always been a force.  As the other players depart the Arena, Ozzy confides that Christine might flip if she re-enters the game, but she could also return to Upolu.  He says that with The Merge coming up, if they lose the next Immunity Challenge, maybe they should send someone to RI that can beat Christine. Read More...


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