Revenge Episode 6 Recap: I Don't Think Frank is Going Anywhere

Did I miss something on Revenge?  How is Lydia still alive?  She fell five stories onto a car - which she crushed - and she just ends up in a coma?  Did they hint at this in the previous episode?  Do I need to go back and watch her finger twitch or something?

To be honest, I kind of thought they would follow through on killing Lydia, if only because it was such a game-changing moment.  It seems a bit less dramatic to just put her in a coma.  But, I can deal.  After all, she was getting pretty awesome in the last episode and I would have been sad if they had deprived me of future moments where she finally stood up to Victoria.  The ultimate cat fight, people!

But let's not get off track.  Tonight's episode of Revenge was a bit slower-paced than the previous ones to date.  No one's life got destroyed and no one fell onto a car, but the plot did move along nicely.  Let's begin with Nolan and Emily, who were both shocked by Lydia's new comatose state and the evidence they held of Frank being responsible for said comatose state.  In order to prevent any fingers from being pointed at them should Lydia awaken, they decided to go on the offensive and sent an anonymous email to Conrad, along with the video of Frank and Lydia. Read More...


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