AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Halloween Part One” Review

AMERICAN HORROR STORY "Halloween Part One" Episode 4 – All I’m saying is that AMERICAN HORROR STORY continues to shock me each week, and "Halloween Part One" was no exception.

Like several other episodes, American Horror Story starts us off with a story of the history of thehouse; this time with the two men that killed themselves before the Harmon family moved in. It turns out that the pair were not exactly getting along very well; but much like the Harmon’s, all of their money was tied into the house and they couldn’t sell it.

Long story short, the two didn’t actually kill themselves, it was the man in the rubber suit that did the deed. However, since it IS Halloween, the one day the dead can freely roam the earth, the pair aren’t gone for long and soon return to the house as hired help from the Realtor.

The Harmon’s need to sell, and need to sell fast, so they welcome the men inside to help them improve the image of the place. It doesn’t really go according to plan; and instead of helping the family, more doubt is just put on Vivien in regard to Ben’s affair. Read More...


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