AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Kathy Griffin” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Kathy Griffin" Cycle 17 Episode 7 – In any episode of America’sNext Top Model, you’re going to get a few gems, a few well placed bitchy comments, a couple of nicely cut reaction shots, some good auld loopy observations from one or seven of the many anorexicwannabe models. This episode was packed full of them.

This season is even crazier than past seasons, thanks to Tyra and her ingenious producers’ decision to up the ante by making this season a "Best of the Craziest". And unlike, say, Hell’s Kitchen where Ramsay and/or his producers were so afraid of cutting Elise because they feared the show would flatline without her, America’s Next Top Model is not afraid to cut some of their more interesting contestants in favour of those with more talent. Therefore we bid Bianca and Kayla farewell in a pretty surprising double elimination which saw Shannon, unexpectedly, dodge the bullet. Read More...


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