REVENGE “Intrigue” Review

REVENGE "Intrigue" Season 1 Episode 6 – "Who made the surveillance tape?" That’s the question Conrad and Victoria and Frank find themselves faced with in the aftermath of Lydia’s attack. For the past few weeks, Revenge has been an intricate show about schemes and manoeuvres created bysmart people to oust smart people. Sure, it’s had a cheesy outer layer, but at its core the people behind Revenge know what they’re doing and they have a great sense of humor about the kind of show they’re making, clearly aware that if they make it too corny, the show will lose its stakes, while if they make it too serious, it will be open to ridicule, or, worse, it would become dull.

This was the first subpar episode the show churned out. It’s not just the idea that Conrad’s first question after seeing the tape sent from "Anonymous" should have been "who the hell is this?" but you expect so much more from Victoria. It’s not just that Lydia’s coma-inducing accident (not a death, which means she’s still a loose end) never incurred a basic investigation by the police – and by basic I mean they check the surveillance footage the twenty minutes before and after her supposed jump. It’snot just that Conrad forced Victoria to hang up on Frank just as he’s about to mention Emily’s name. It’s all of these things and more which made this episode unequivocally the worst of the bunch. Read More...


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