SUBURGATORY “Halloween” Review

SUBURGATORY "Halloween" Season 1 Episode 5 – It’s Halloween in the suburbs and the Altman’s are ready to celebrate with lawn decorations and fake blood. Unfortunately for them, Suburgatory has its own idea of scary…and it’s more girls dressed as slutty mushrooms than full-size guillotines.

Informed by a very horrified Noah (in a scene that reminded me of that X-Files episode where Mulder and Scully went undercover in the suburbs and nearly got killed by a landfill monster for digging up theirfront yard) that they can’t decorate without clearance from the home owner’s president (who happens to be Dallas), George sets out to change his neighbor’s mind about Halloween.

After nearly being killed by one of George’s pranks, Dallas starts to get into the swing not only of being scared, but of scaring others. But no one gets more of a fright than George himself who is mistaken for a masked burglar by Dallas’s husband, Steven (Jay Mohr), when he comes home early from his business trip only to find his new neighbor spending time with his wife. Read More...


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