The Middle 3.07 "Halloween II" Recap

the middle

Halloween is approaching, and Sue has crafted herself a dice costume for her first high school costume party. When she returns home, she’s upset because all the other girls were wearing skimpy, sexy costumes—they must have got a memo that she didn't get. She turns to Mike for advice, but he doesn't want to give it. He desperately tries to get her to talk to her mom, but Sue presses on. She wants to know what boys want, and she doesn’t understand why you have to wear a skimpy costume to get boys to like you. Mike's advice: "Tomorrow is a new day."

Frankie is guilted into taking Brick's social skills group out trick-or-treating. She takes Brick to find a costume, but none of them suit him. He wants to be a leather-bound book with pages, illustrations and writing. Brick has no interest in going trick-or-treating with the other kids, because they're weird. Frankie points out he's weird too, and that's why he's in the social skills group to begin with. At the store, Frankie accidentally runs her cart into another man's cart. She says sorry, but he calls her "stupid lady." Frankie is highly offended by this, but doesn't say anything. She complains to Mike about it, who says the guy was a jerk and to just shake it off. Frankie thinks she's too nice. Read More...


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