'The Office': The only thing we have to fear is Robert California


We have seen many an "Office" Halloween episode in the past, some focusing entirely on the festivities at Dunder Mifflin and some barely giving a nod to it.We have never seen an "Office" Halloween episode with James Spader in the cast, though, and for that reason "Spooked" is elevated to the top tier of the series' Halloween pantheon.Robert's episode-capping ghost story -- crafted after he spent pretty much the entire Halloween party observing, uncovering or just outright asking about people's worst fears -- managed to weird out just about everyone in the office while amusing the heck out of his hurricane-tracking son Bert. It wasn't super-funny, but it was a brilliant bit of theater/lesson-teaching on Robert's part about not letting fear rule. The show's M.O. with Robert (and Spader) so far seems to be drop him into Scranton, make everyone (especially Andy, but most other people too) nervous for a while, then exit before anyone...



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