‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Ghost World’: TV Recap

'The Vampire Diaries,' Season 3, Episode 7, 'Ghost World': TV Recap. There’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Bonnie Bennett, semi-professional ghostbuster! Let’s rewind. Spirits are swarming Mystic Falls, all because Bonnie burst open a crack between the world of the living and the Other Side; banishing Vicki was the proverbial straw that broke the inter-dimensional barrier’s back. In some ways, this is mighty inconvenient—it effectively ruins Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship, and it also leads to the untimely death of a poor, innocent town historian. (Tobias, we hardly knew ye!) In other ways, though, GhostCon 2011 proves invaluable to our fair heroes.



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