Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Ghost World'

"The Vampire Diaries"

Halloween comes to Mystic Falls early this year, as 'Ghost World' is all about, well, ghosts -- and none of that cute Casper stuff, either. Of course, some of these ghosts are more symbolic of our weary characters living in the past (hello, Elena!), but some are very, very real and tend to be angry. And violent. Hey, it wouldn't be "Vampire Diaries" without a little bloodshed, would it? 

As we learned last week, one of these not-so-friendly ghosts is Mason Lockwood, and he wastes no time in chaining up his killer (Damon) and torturing him a little. Unfortunately, Stefan decides to help out, as he enjoys any opportunity to cause pain. Sometimes it's still a little startling to remember just how bad Stefan has become. Unfortunately, he's still not as much fun as Damon, just meaner. 

Because Mystic Falls has more town gatherings than an Amish community, tonight's action will revolve around a night of illumination. Or something. It's just very historical and is sure to be an opportunity for some dramatic lighting. The head of the history department, Tobias, will be the star of the show, but I don't suspect we should get too attached to him just yet.  Read More...


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