Community 3.05 "Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps" Recap


Trick or dean! Missed last week’s recap? Catch up here.

Our Halloween outing at Greendale begins with a pre-party thrown by Britta, before the group heads off to their "real" gathering. As Britta tells Pierce her reasoning for throwing their own shindig ("it’s informal, it’s intimate and it’s just for us") Troy and Abed arrive as - what else? - Inspector Spacetime and the Constable. While Annie scrolls through Britta’s playlist and laments the fact that she can’t find anything "Halloween appropriate," Jeff shows up with his usual "three appearances to make" excuse.

Britta pulls Jeff aside, asking if he remembers last week when she made them fill out anonymous personality tests for her psychology class. She tells Jeff that she processed the tests and found that one of their group members could be classified as "deeply disturbed" – more specifically, that one of them has an extreme personality disorder also known as "homicidal tendencies." Of course, the Dean chooses that moment to drop in (dressed as a witch) to promote their Halloween dance – come on, you knew we weren’t getting away without at least one classic Dean Pelton costume, especially in a Halloween episode...right? Jeff tells Britta not to worry, that they had probably just "Britta’d" the test results (Britta = to ruin and/or horribly mess up.) Read More...


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