Person of Interest 1.06 'The Fix' Review

person of interest cbs

Finch and Reese may have a highly sophisticated network of top-notch surveillance on their side, but some people don't need Finch's machine to become a highly skilled fixer. Enter this week's POI, Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) or, as I likely will refer to her in this review, lady!Reese. There were the usual red herrings in the first twenty minutes both in the reason for the machine picking this number and in the nature of the trouble the POI is in (She's the victim! No, wait she's the shooter! Nope she is a target!). But the facts are these: Zoe was hired on by a man who stands to inherit the pharmaceutical company his father started unless his big secret is exposed thanks to a recording of a phone conversation that's being used as blackmail material. What starts out as a simple case of a powerful man possibly not keeping it in his pants, soon turns into a conspiracy to cover up the lethal side effects of the company's impending release of migraine wonder-drug, Sylocet. But that's not all, it turns out the woman on the blackmail tape is none other than one Dana Miller. A woman who Finch's machine called up before he started working alongside John Reese, and so he wasn't capable of helping. Her death has haunted him ever since, but this could be Finch's chance to avenge one of the ghosts from his machine all while we're introduced to the kind of character that will likely be a recurring addition to the series. Read More...


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