'Project Runway' season finale recap: No Sleeves, No Bra, No Problem!

After the crapfest that was last week's competition, in which pretty much nobody was a winner yet no one lost, the four remaining designers — why there's not three of them, heaven only knows — have $500 and a couple of days to whip their collections into shape before Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Anya has so much work left to do after the previous night's judging that it seems almost impossible that she can pull out one of her miracle wins. Kimberly and Joshua's mini-collections also underwhelmed, even if the judges weren't as hard on them as they could have been.

Tim swoops in after the judging and acts like the indulgent, "good cop" parent who undoes all the hard work that the "bad cop" disciplinarian parent has done. If the designers are toilet-training babies, Tim basically let them poop their diapers one last time, even after Heidi, Michael, and Nina spent all night teaching them to use the kiddie toilet. Tim pretty much tells them that their designs were perfect no matter what anyone says. Except for Anya's. Hers were garbage. Read More...



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