The Big Bang Theory 5.07 Recap 'A bit of pre-Halloween hi-jinkery'

big bang theory

 It's all about trick or treat on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon declares prank war after falling victim to shenanigans at the university late one night. Outside of the trick part of the episode, Leonard discovers a real treat: a hot girl who's into comics and him as well. Will he cheat on long-distance girlfriend Priya?

 Everything starts off with Sheldon working late in his office when your standard set of creepy circumstances occurs: lights going out, eerie voices echoing from down the hall, and blood-scrawled messages with improper grammar on the walls. Ever the logical scientist, Sheldon mocks most of these happenings until Howard and Raj come forward as the would-be pranksters. Admitting defeat they all head back to Sheldon's office where, unbeknownst to Sheldon, a masked Leonard is still lurking in the shadows. Level-headed logic cannot compete with a well-planned scare tactic. Read More...


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