Devil May Cry Complete Season Review

12 episodes welcome you to the Collection of Devil May Cry, based on the popular Capcom video game. I've actually never played any of the games so this was a new experience to see if the anime could convert me, and also I could go into it without trying to compare it to the video games.

We are introduced fairly quickly to Dante, a half human/half devil who works a freelance business where he slays demons as well as other mercenary like jobs such as when he is hired to be a bodyguard for a young girl named Patty Rowell Dante comes across as someone who can be all business when he is in the zone, but at the same time has a child like immature nature when bantering with Patty or ordering strawberry sundaes for lunch. As Patty is being targeted by devils who want to kill her because if she doesn't make a certain deadline, a fortune inherited to her will be forfeit, it leads to a chase as Patty thinks she has found her long-lost mother, but turns out to be a trap. However, Dante is more than adept in taking care of himself, and has impressive sword and gun skills designed to take out devils. The story ends with basically Patty using the money to help out the orphanage where she grew up and becomes a permanent decoration at Devil May Cry, much to Dante's displeasure or comic value.

For most of the collection until near the end, the formula is pretty much the same. Dante is hired to do something, which leads to interesting but obvious battles. Fortunately, it doesn't become too repetitive (albeit obvious) mainly due to the variety of jobs and the interesting characters that accompany and help Dante. Episode 2 we are introduced to Lady who is also a demon hunter, and amusingly a running gag is shown where Dante is up to his eyeballs in debt with her (and amusingly later on in the series with Patty), his long suffering agent Morrison, who also acts as a repairman when Dante has one of his fits much to his annoyance, and a recurring devil named Sid, a weak devil who appeared as a taxi driver during the Patty ep, but becomes much more relevant during the final episodes. T

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