Community Recap: Personality Test

These last two episodes of Community have set the bar high in terms of "story volume." Next week I won’t expect less than a couple dozen story lines/alternate realities. (What if Magnitude had won that election?!) "Horror Fiction" offered up seven different stories, eight if you count the main one: Britta asked the study group to fill out a psychological survey a few episodes ago, and the results show that one of her friends is deeply disturbed and might be a serial killer in the making. Rather than address the problem directly, she throws a Halloween pre-party/Michele Norris–on–Errol Morris listening party, and tells a spooky story as a way to investigate everyone’s reactions. Do they side with the killer? The victim? No one in particular?

But rather than show us the story straight, Community establishes a neat little game for "Horror Fiction" to play, in that Britta’s story resembles the way she’s probably telling it. The killer in her tale doesn’t just have a hook hand, he has a "hook hand-thingy," and the rest of the dialogue is a reductive explanation of the flimsy plot that killed the two lovebirds. To Britta, it’s not important that the story be compelling or fit neatly into the horror genre, only that it involves a murderer and that it’s over quickly, so the real-life creep can be identified. Read More...


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