Chuck 5.01 "Chuck vs the Zoom" Review


Tonight is the night when out long, national nightmare finally comes to an end.  Chuck is back for it's fifth and final(?) season tonight at 8:00pm ET/PT on NBC.  The show, with a small, but intensely devoted fanbase, has managed to propel it to a 13-episode fifth season, a fact that would have been roundly derided and laughed at had someone propsed such a thing during the first couple seasons.  Nonetheless, we Chucksters have thirteen more hours to enjoy the exploits of our favorite accidental spy and his coterie of spies, villains, and wonderfully cheesy musician sidekicks.

When we last left Chuck, our hero married Sarah, Volkoff was defeated, Vivian Volkoff gave Chuck all of Volkoff Industries' holdings, Chuck & Sarah bought the Buy More and Castle to start their own private espionage business, Ellie and Captain Awesome knew Chuck was a spy, and....there was something else.......oh yeah, Morgan is the Intersect!  It is against this backdrop and major changes to the series that the show returns in "Chuck vs the Zoom."  Do these changes pay off?  Unfortunately, not in this episode. Read More...


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