The Office Recap: Trick or Trick

Lo, the Halloween episode is here, a chance for the gang at The Office to do what they do best: party, prank, and riff on pop culture. This is a chance for the employees, who, under the watch of Robert California, have become tightly wound coils, to spring into all sorts of hallo-high-jinks!

Or not. If the last episode, "Garden Party," was the show redoubling its efforts on plot, "Spooked" is a drowsy about-face. Very little action actually transpires. Characters drift from scene to scene like … ghosts!

The problem of the week is Erin thinks Andy is behaving a little weirdly. And he might be, though their interactions are so vague and so uninteresting it’s hard to say. You see, he didn’t ask her to handle a few of his faxes. What does this mean? A manic Erin needs to know! Between Erin, Angela, and Kelly, the cramped floor at Scranton is replete with nervous, needy women. I miss strong Erin. Well, stronger, at least. Read More...


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