'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Masked'

I've finally found something beautifully menacing Faye and I have in common: We both love Halloween! So it was with the same uncharacteristic giddiness the bitch witch displayed while lugging around a zombie mannequin that I too relished last night's holiday-themed "Secret Circle."

The episode opened with Cassie and Faye perusing an antique shop in search of tricks and treats for the Halloween party Cassie would be hosting (thanks for skipping town on the scariest night of the year, Grandma Jane!). Of course, this being a shop in Chance Harbor dedicated to ancienty, mysterious items, it's owned by a witch. As Faye changed out of the multi-strand necklace she thought constituted a top, Cassie went to the counter to pay, but when she and shop-owner Calvin brushed hands, the mirror behind him shattered! Too many witchy powers at work? Read More...



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