GRIMM Premiere Episode GRIMM Premiere Episode Review

I was lucky to get to take a peek at NBC’s new show, GRIMM, before it airs tonight. I love anythingbased on fairy tales, and Grimm has been a show that I’ve been interested in since I read about its premise.

I’m going to try to not be too spoilery in this review – I want you all to be able to enjoy Grimm‘s pilot episode without knowing what happens. We start with a college student jogging along a deserted path, with her iPod blaring "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)." The set up is pretty obvious, we know nothing good is going to happen to this poor girl as she pops up the hood of her red sweatshirt.

We’re right, the death of the jogger introduces our main character: Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli). Nick and his partner Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) are police offices investigating the death of thecollege student. It looks like a wolf attack, but the pair believe that something a little more sinister may be after the people of the town.

Cut to Nick experiencing some pretty freaky things. The people he sees on the street seem to be turning into monsters, but in "blink and you’ll miss it" phases. Needless to say, Nick is a little freaked out by this turn of events, however a visit from his family reveals the reason’s why. Read More...


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