THE SECRET CIRCLE "Masked" Season 1 Episode 7 - I love how Cassie’s just wandering around her house alone, doors unlocked, right after crazy witch hunters just tried to kill her and her friends. It sums up this week’s episode of The Secret Circle, which was simultaneously the best and the worstso far. The best because it was interesting and fun and had a few surprising turns, the worst because our circle of witches are dumber than a box of rocks.

It’s Halloween, and the circle is preparing to throw a little get-together at Cassie’s house while Jane is away visiting Faye’s grandfather at his lakehouse. (He’s dead, of course, and she finds him and his crystal at the end of the episode, right before being knocked out by someone, presumably Charles Meade, and the crystal being stolen.) Anyway, while the gals deck out Cassie’s house in spooky decorations, Cassie finds a part of the witch hunter’s knife from last week. She shows it to everyone, including Jake and a minor witch, Wilson, from a curiosity shop. Read More...


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