WHITNEY “The Wire” Review

WHITNEY "The Wire" Season 1 Episode 5 – Will there ever, ever be an episode of Whitney where she and Alex aren’t caught in some great battle of wills instigated by her craziness? This week, we were treated (and I use that word loosely) to "The Wire," wherein Whitney attempts to prove that Alex speaks to her in a condescending voice by having their police friend install a hidden camera and microphone in their apartment.

Here’s a hint, Whitney. He speaks to you like a child because you act like one!

Serious, I’ve given this girl five weeks and I still find her insane in a totally annoying way. She just will not lay off her poor boyfriend. So what if he doesn’t wash his jeans every day? She’s been living with him for three years and she just now noticed this? And take it from this hypocondriac…even I know that you can’t get a staph infection from unwashed denim. Read More...



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