PERSON OF INTEREST "The Fix" Season 1 Episode 6 – I’m a big fan of the Person of Interestepisodes that hit the ground running and don’t feel the need to ease you into the case of the week. This week’s episode, "The Fix", starts off with the very first scene introducing us to our PoI for the named Zoe Morgan. Zoe is a "fixer", hence the episode title. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a fixer, it’s basically the most bad-ass profession you could have. Unfortunately for Zoe, it’s also one of the most dangerous as she’s almost shot about 15 minutes into the episode for having listened to an incriminating recording of a wealthy businessman and his employee.

While Reese and Finch are trying to protect Zoe from this angry businessman, in the meantime we actually get a story line involving detective Carter that I care about! I know, it’s a miracle! I’ve always been annoyed with how resolute Carter is with bringing down Reese, when there’s really no evidence that he’s ever done anything wrong. In fact, he’s usually doing the right thing. Thankfully, this week we have a more interesting activity for her: Following up on the M. Elias thread from a few episodes back. Having Carter investigate an overarching cold case involving a woman being murdered by her husband, and now that man is killed, makes you wonder how often this show is going to have these mysteries that last multiple episodes. I’m a big fan of that, so I hope we see more. Especially if it involves giving that detective Carter something to do. Read More...


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