THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Good Guy Fluctuation” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Good Guy Fluctuation" Season 5 Episode 7 – When I think about TheBig Bang Theory and Halloween, I think back to the first season when the boys attended Penny’s party in full geek costume. My, how far they’ve come… This year’s holiday episode, "The Good Guy Fluctuation" is less about dressing up and more about scaring the poop out of Sheldon. Which is funny, but in a totally different way.

It’s not hard to get the best of Sheldon when it comes to practical jokes; he walks into set-ups with the greatest of ease. But for all of his smarts, he simply can’t seem to play any jokes of his own in retribution. Putting a snake in Raj’s desk drawer is a wasted effort when you consider that Raj grew up with cobras in his backyard. And I’m not exactly sure how Bernadette and Howard knew to turn Sheldon’s hand-buzzer around on him by pretending to have Howard’s heart stop and making Sheldon stab him in the chest with a fake syringe, but it was a great gag.

Still, sometimes the scare isn’t so much in the set-up as it is the timing. Who knows how long Sheldon would have had to bunker down in the couch itself waiting for the right moment, when his roommate’s defenses were down, to pounce out in full zombie makeup, but it was worth it to finally get Leonard to jump out of his skin. Read More...


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