THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Ghost World” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "Ghost World" Season 3 Episode 7 - My god, did the founders of Mystic Falls have nothing better to do than create event days? What next, Flossing Day – which began with the founders teaching good oral hygiene 150 years ago? This week was Halloween-esque-something-the-other day, a totally pointless reason to gather the townsfolk of Mystic Falls so they didn’t notice the ghost invasion going on around them. And so that we could have a bunch of people freaking out at a dead guy hanging from a tree.

There’s really not much point in summarizing this episode, suffice to say that the ghosts of dead humans and vampires alike turned up in Mystic Falls to either help or hinder the Scrappy gang. Hot Uncle Lockwood is pretty much over Damon killing him – though you wouldn’t realise that from his hello – and wants to lead Damon to a cave which, we learn later, is full of cave paintings. The awesome Lexi is back to be used to show Elena how Stefan can be saved with time – whether actual years or hallucinated bloodless years. Anna wants to be with Jeremy and stop the gang from getting rid of the ghosts before she can find her mother, yadda yadda yadda.

Basically, it was a pointless episode. There are numerous other ways they could have achieved the same goals, even if it means not seeing Hot Uncle Lockwood and his sole facial expression, or Lexi and her under-utilised awesomeness. Read More...


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