SUPERNATURAL “Slash Fiction” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Slash Fiction" Season 7 Episode 6 – I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I’ve been for this episode and I’m so glad to report that it did not disappoint at all.

Let’s start with LeviSam and LeviDean, which I adored for oh so many reasons. First because let’s face it, watching evil versions of the boys is just plain fun and though we’ve seen a lot of evil Sam over the years (Soulless Sam, LuciferSam, etc), there really haven’t been all that many evil Deans. So I especially enjoyed getting to watch "Dean" be a real bad boy for a little while.

The other reason I loved the Leviathan versions of the guys (and Bobby, too) was that it gave us that little bit of meta we’ve all come to enjoy from Supernatural. LeviDean and LeviSam discussing their counterparts in the diner and LeviBobby giving real Bobby a rundown on his life in the basement were easily two of my favorite scenes in this episode. Read More...


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