CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Zoom” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus the Zoom" Season 5 Episode 1 – Chuck returns for its final season and this first episode mainly involves sorting out the three major storylines left dangling at the end of last season: Chuck and co leave the CIA and re-establish themselves as mercenaries; Volkoff leaves the Chuck gang a huge fortune and Morgan becomes the new Intersect.

Morgan becoming the new Intersect was obviously a way for the writers to give him the purpose he so sorely lacked every time they forced him to participate in a mission. After watching how the directors/writers and most of all Joshua Gomez dealt with the Intersect plot, I have a newfound respect for Zachary Levi given just how easy he made everything look, from the basic flashes to the fight sequences to the confidence he imbued in the various dances, he brought a charm and awkward elegance to Chuck under the influence of the Intersect which Gomez, unfortunately, does not. His big intro involved climbing through a pool and making Scarlett Johansson-in-Iron Man 2-esque beauty poses while the camera moved behind a pillar in order to hide his stunt double’s face. Later he had to dance, which really entailed looking gleeful while Sarah did all the work. Read More...


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