BOSS “Reflex” Review

BOSS "Reflex" Season 1 Episode 2 – When this show works, it’s one of the best things on television. Having the episode end with Kane and his wife’s father, who is basically surviving in a catatonic state where he can only suck on soft foods, was wonderful as Kelsey Grammer gets to really allow the impact of looking his past and future directly in the face sink in to the etches of Kane’s face. On the other hand, the show has a tendency to either be completely over the top – did Kane really need to tell his wife that he talked to their estranged daughter for the first time in five years in front of a group of sick children and a recording camera? – or, worse, dull.

I don’t think the Emma Kane storyline is bad. At least, not from Grammer and Nielsen’s stance. In one of the episode’s best scenes these two get together in Kane’s office to discuss the daughter they’ve kicked out of their lives. It’s just chilling how calculating and calibrating these people are about their images and their careers that they’d cut their own daughter – a PR liability – out of their existence. Granted, estranging yourself from your child probably looks worse than having a kid with a drug issue, but I’m sure it’s not an anomaly. The scene provided a real showcase for Connie Nielsen, and I was completely off the ball last week when I regarded her aloofness from her husband as the result of something he did unto her. Where their marriage was concerned, it appears they were both pitbulls. Read More...


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