BEDLAM “Committed” Review

BEDLAM "Committed" Season 1 Episode 5 - Jed’s friend and fellow Bedlam resident Mark thinks he has a stalker. Strange phone calls saying ‘don’t leave me’ are bad enough, but then there’s the scratching in the walls, the writing scratched into the plaster next door, the stolen photographs stuck to walls and ceilings. Then Mark’s things go missing and he can’t help but wonder if it’s all Jed’s doing. He has been around an awful lot, after all.

Meanwhile, Jed’s visions tell him that one of the 19th century members of the Bettany family, Kate’s predecessors and owners of the asylum, had his mistress locked away there. Jed theorises that the ghost will stop haunting Mark if she’s reunited with her lover, so they dig his bones up to rebury them with hers. But then Jed gets a phone call that alerts him to Mark being in trouble — he gets there too late to save his friend. Read More...


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