DEXTER “The Angel of Death” Review

DEXTER "The Angel of Death" Season 6 Episode 5 – Dexter returned this week with "The Angel of Death", and it opened with Dex investigating the wings that were attached to the girl at the end of the last episode. Dexter tells us in his narration that the killer left absolutely no traces of fingerprints, saliva, blood, semen, nothing. I hope we get some kind of explanation as to how this Travis kid is able to be such an effective killer. I know he’s got Professor Gellar (Or at least his imagination’s version of him) breathing in his ear the whole time, but that couldn’t possibly keep him from being one of the cleanest killers that we’ve seen on the show.

Before we get to all of the great stuff in the show, I have a couple more complaints I need to mention before I move along. First of all, it just bothers me that Dexter is keeping the evidence of the calf skin wing to himself (And subsequent discovery of Travis Marshall through the museum website). It might seem inconsequential to some, but hasn’t Dexter learned his lesson about withholding evidence from the Trinity Killer case? If this secret-keeping behavior leads to something bad happening to Harrison, Deb, or somebody else close to Dexter, it would be tough to feel bad for him this time. This could all be easily avoided, Dex! Just share your discoveries with everybody else! Read More...


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