THE AMAZING RACE “We Love Your County Already; It Is Very Spacious” Review

The Amazing Race "We Love Your Country Already; It Is Very Spacious" Season 19 Episode 6 – This week’s episode of The Amazing Race started with all of the teams boarding the same flight toMalawi. Wow, that is quite a flight. Thankfully everybody got on the same flight, though, as they all make it to Malawi and get to their first road block: Wheeling giant bales of tobacco.

I really love these kinds of challenges. They’re fun to watch, competitive, and true to that country’s culture. Tobacco is 60% of the domestic product of Malawi, so it makes sense for the challenge to involve this. I’m starting to see a pattern in all of the challenges that I enjoy: They always involve the natives of that country. I love seeing the other tobacco runners bumping into them, helping them by pointing to the correct gate, and singing and dancing their encouragement. It really is a great little glimpse into their culture, and that’s what the race is all about! Read More...


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